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For all your Gadget Repairs Repair My Device Check Work Flow
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One stop shop

For all your Gadget Repairs Repair My Device Check Work Flow

How it works @ icarefix

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    Broken Device

    If your device breaks, don't panic. iCarefix offer a huge range of mobile phone & tablet repair services.

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    Send It To Us

    We offer free postage with all mobile phone & tablet repairs. Saving you time and money. Just print the label and send.

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    Quick Fix

    Our trained technicians will repair your mobile device, keeping you informed all the way. Do not forget about our No Fix No Fee policy.

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    Fast Return

    Choose the delivery method that matches your budget and requirements. We will make sure your repaired device is returned safely.

tell us what's wrong

Screen Issue
  • iPhone Screen is Broken, But i can still use it.
  • Mobile Phone Screen is Broken, But i can still use it.
  • My Phone Screen is Unresponsive.
  • My Phone Works, But Screen is blank.
Sound Issue
  • Can't Hear People on a Call
  • Can't listen to music through my Headphones.
  • No Sound coming from speakers.
Charge Issue
  • My Battery is draining too fast.
  • My Phone is plugged in, But Not Charging.
Signal Issue
  • Constantly losing signal on my Phone
  • Sim card not detected in my Phone.
  • i can't connect to Wi Fi.
Other Issue
  • I'm Not Sure What Is Wrong With My Device
  • Rear Camera is not working
  • Front facing Camera is not Working
  • My Rear Cover is Damaged
Screen Issue
  • Cracked tablet screen, But i can still use it.
  • Tablet screen become unresponsive while working.
  • My Tablet Phone is too dark.
Battery and Power Issue
  • Tablet battery is draining too fast.
  • Back cover is bulged due to battery expanding.
  • Device is only turn on when plugged in.
Motherboard and Processor Issue
  • Tablet is not Functioning Properly.
  • Tablet is receiving Error messages.
  • Tablet is overheating.
Other Issues
  • Tablet Dropped in Water.
  • Tablet is not charging Properly.
  • Tablet camera is not working.
  • Tablet is not turning on through power button.
Computer Data Recovery
  • My hard disk discover physically damaged.
  • Recover Accidentally Deleted Files & Folders.
  • Folders and Files have suddenly disappeared.
  • Damage caused by virus and More.
Mac Data Recovery
  • Lost Data from Mac Hardware Failure.
  • Lost Data because of Hard drive Reformatting.
  • Mac OS X operating system failure.
  • Mac OS X volume errors.
Other Data Recovery
  • Lost RAID after BIOS update.
  • Accidental deletion of data while taking back-up.
  • Failure of electronic components.
  • Accidental deletion of the multimedia (photo, audio, and video) data file.
Nintendo Repair Services
  • LCD Screen has been cracked.
  • Charging socket is broken.
  • Buttons or Switches are not responding.
Xbox Repair Services
  • Shutting down due to insufficient ventilation
  • Xbox is overheating.
  • Blinking red light on Xbox
PlayStation (PS) Repair Services
  • PS4 is not turning on
  • Blinked Yellow light and my PS4 not turn on.
  • Damaged HDMI lights and Faulty HDMI cables.
Wii Repair Services
  • Power light doesn't come after pressing the power button.
  • Doesn't see any picture even after turning on
  • Wii Remote is not working.
Screen Issue
  • Stuck or Dead Pixel on My computer Screen
  • Screen Ghosting on Laptop.
  • Computer screen is fuzzy, blurry and full of horizontal lines.
  • Screen appears to have big black patches when turned on.
Battery and Power Issue
  • My Battery does not holding charge like it used to.
  • Laptop is not charging, even after plugged in.
  • Laptop is turned on & off repeatedly.
  • Ac Adapter not powering on the computer.
Motherboard and Processor Issue
  • Burning smell coming from computer.
  • My laptop is showing blue screen of death.
  • My computer is overheating.
  • PC shut downs and reboots automatically.
Other Issues
  • DLL file is Missing
  • Trouble in installing Applications
  • Applications running slowly.
  • Applications Acting Strangely.
Macbook Repair Services
  • My MacBook is running too slow.
  • Slow WiFi connection or losing WiFi Connection.
  • Mac is not charging
  • My Mac is frozen and i can't click anything.
Iphone Repair Services
  • iPhone screen is broken, But can still use it.
  • My iPhone is Disabled
  • iPhone is not Ringing.
  • iPhone is not charging, After plugged in.
Ipad Repair Services
  • iPad is Running too slow.
  • My iPad is Disabled.
  • Can't connect iPad to Wi Fi.
  • Can't Upgrade my iPad.
Imac Repair Services
  • My iMac is running too slow.
  • Slow WiFi Connection or Losing WiFi connection.
  • iMac is not Charging.
  • My iMac is frozen and i can't click anything.
Lens Repair Services
  • Dropped my camera and can longer remove the lens.
  • Camera zooms in and out before turning off.
  • Repair Scratched camera lens.
DSLR Repair Services
  • Photos seem to be blurry in the viewfinder.
  • Seeking a speck of Dust in the viewfinder.
  • Lens filter is stuck on the lens of my camera.
Camera Repair Services
  • My Camera won't turn on.
  • Camera is not recording any photos.
  • Camera dies after taking few pictures.
Other Repair Services
  • Zoom lens stops working.
  • Camera is not Focusing.
  • Getting Error Messages.
Laser Printer Repair
  • My printer takes too long to start printing.
  • My printer is showing paper jam Error message.
  • Photos look fine on computer, but look like crap printed.
Inkjet Printer Repair
  • Printer is spitting out pages full of stranged charcters, symbols etc.
  • Colors are missing from prints.
  • Printing pages riddled with unintended lines and streaks of colors.
How We Work ?iCareFix is a multi-specialized IT Devices & Gadgets Repair Service center.

our customer reviews

Based on 1000+ reviews. See some of the reviews here.
  • Vivek Joseph K great

    Very satisfied with this service provider. First of all, they offer free pick up and delivery of your items Dubai. They also have a dedicated WhatsApp number on which you can follow up on your repair requests apart from a web chat application.

  • Margo Palacios great

    My iphone 6 screen completely shattered and they fixed it in about an hour! My iphone works as good as new & they checked up on me twice. The price is fair considering others may do it cheaper but your phone may not work afterwards (like in Satwa).

  • Wisam K great

    They can literally fix your problem no doubt. I'd suggest when placing a sticker for the job number especially on laptops to place it in the bottom. It's really a hassle to remove.

  • Lloyd Dsouza great

    Loved their service. They offered warranty on my lcd display that was replaced. Fingers crossed. I recommend this place for mobile servicing. The guy at the reception was very accommodating too.

  • Norman Angelo Quimio great

    I have had no issue with the team ever since and have had good and fast service all the time. Great job iCareFix Team!!!

  • Puteri Zulaikha Shamsudin great

    Sent my laptop for screen repaid and in 2 days it was completed. Professional and very fast repair job done. Very happy with the result.

  • Johan Sinck great

    Absolutely fantastic service. Phone screen on my oneplus one was broken. iCareFix didn't only replace the screen, they picked up the phone from my apartment, delivered it back FIXED. all within the time span of 3 hours. Phone is back working in good condition. Highly recommended if you need a quick fix for your phone.

  • Brian Nehls great

    Quick service as promised. They replaced my S7 Edge screen the same day. I had been jerking around with others for over 10 days! Thank you guys. Brian

  • Jhesselle Amaya great

    Excellent experience and job completed within 24 hours. Delighted, thank you!!

  • Oliver Alvares great

    The plan was to replace my phone screen on the spot. That in itself was impressive.When the replacement screen broke during installation, they promised to get me a new one fixed, and delivered the phone to my house at no extra charge. And.. They did this the very same day.

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